The Cortana Intelligence Suite, two years later…

I started following the Microsoft Advanced Analytics end 2015. Since then a lot has changed. In the beginning the solution (or offering) was called Cortana Intelligence Suite, later just plain ‘Cortana’. In the meantime the name has been completely removed from the offering and is now reserved for the Windows assistant.

At that time, in this article, I listed four products that would become major players the coming years (not necessarily in this order).

  1. Machine Learning Studio
  2. SQLServer 2016
  3. Power BI
  4. The Microsoft R offering

Well, I guess I was wrong with the first one. ML Studio is still around but it didn’t take off as well as I had expected. I wrote down some comments on it last year.

But SQLServer, Power BI and R certainly got some serious ground.

Underneath, the offering basically stayed the same, but it doesn’t have a common name anymore. First thing to note is that the offering is now under “”, but there are still some products that are on-premise or can be installed locally.


They are located under: AI + Machine Learning, Analytics and Internet of Things.

I am working on a detailed overview what each category covers. I’ll keep you posted.