Cortana Intelligence

This is the original home page from my blog for the Cortana offering from Microsoft as it was called in 2015…

On this page we provide a status overview of the different products and services offered in the Cortana Intelligence suite (or Cortana for short). The offering is evolving fast and we try to keep up with the pace.

General background on Cortana…

  • An article from beginning 2016 when it was announced, still under another name.
  • Where does the name come from? You can read about it here.

The offering

Microsoft currently offers the services and product under four categories:


  1. We have an article on the products and services covered under the “Information Management” umbrella.
  2. There is another article on the “Big Data Stores” part.
  3. A third post covers the “Machine Learning and Analytics“.
  4. The last one is on “Intelligence” and “Visualizations“, you can find it here.

Practical Tests

Apart from the evaluations we did in the previous articles we have currently tested following services:

  • The Sentiment Analysis API, read more about it here.
  • Somewhat off-topic, but very much related to the data science offering is the article around Microsoft and its commitment to R.

A round-up from end of 2016.