– Convolutional Neural Networks

I just finished the 4th week of this course by Andrew Ng. It was by far the most challenging of the 4 (out of 5, the last one not available yet). But also probably the one where I learned the most. It focuses on computer vision and image recognition. It is amazing how accurate some of these algorithms are.Certainly the Neural Style Transfer is pretty impressive:


It was the first time that I really had to put my mind to it to succeed in the exams and practical tests. There were a few hiccups with the grading, but there is very good feedback in the discussion-groups.

Only one remark: Try do take this course in one take. I am currently working full-time in R and sometimes I had a hard time with the Python syntax. Also, I always had to go back to the documentation on Tensorflow to find the right syntax. If you take this course in one shot you won’t loose time with this.

The next and last one “Sequence Model” will start soon.



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