Our Offering, the different steps


  • We organize a short conference call or meeting to set expectations and to grasp the business demands.
  • You provide us the data.


  • We prepare the environment on Azure.
  • The data is verified by us.
  • If the data is not useful we reply within a working day
    • Free of charge.
    • You can go one time for the “Positioning” part again.
    • The third time we charge a daily rate.


  • We do the modelling and create the report.
  • After max 3 working days we provide the results.


  • We provide 1 report based on the data in reusable format (CSV, XLS, …)
  • You have three options:
    1. You keep the report only. The data and virtual machine is destroyed.
    2. You want to keep the virtual machine alive and updated by dataT. In that case the monthly fee depends on how heavy the machine is and its pricing on Azure.
    3. You keep the whole environment:
      • The transfer includes maximum two days consulting: setting up and tweaking according the needs.
      • This is a one shot fee, the subscription is done through MS Azure, we don’t own it anymore.


For pricing details, please contact us.